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Seismic waveform data are used for a large scope of scientific applications, including hazard assessment, geophysical exploration of underground resources such as ore, oil or water, and the discovery of the Earth's internal structure and dynamics. We present here a selection of research products derived from the analysis of seismological data archived at AusPass, supplemented, when appropriate, by other data sources. The raw seismic data, sustaining these analyses, are available on our data page.

If you find these results useful, please, acknowledge AusPass and specify the complete reference of each research product used, including the DOI, given on the topic webpages listed below. Acknowledgments and citations contribute to sustain our sources of funding and maintain our services. Be aware, that AusPass is still under construction. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or ideas for improvement! We appreciate your feedback and will answer your request shortly.

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Codes for modelling Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) signals and array response

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New collection of Moho estimates across the Australian continent, built from a combination of seismic and geophysical data. The collection is organized by data type, and includes, for each depth estimate, a set of geographical coordinates and reliability weights.

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AuSeis is a probabilistic seismic model of the Moho and crustal structure in Australia, resulting from the bayesian inversion of teleseismic P‐wave coda autocorrelograms carried over 1200 permanent and portable seismic stations.

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Global Travel Times

Travel time models, ak135 and ek137, and related travel time products.

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A collection of velocity and structure models for Australia's crust and upper mantle.

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,WA earthquake

Western Australia struck by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake

On Sunday 16 September 2018, an unusually large earthquake was recorded at three schools in Western Australia. The shallow intraplate earthquake of magnitude 5.7 (Geosciences Australia) struck at 12.57 PM (local time) about 430 km south of Perth.

Kangaroo in the outback

Monitoring Earthquakes in the South Australian Outback

On 1st September 2017, two earthquakes were recorded at four stations of the ASR temporary network located in the South-Australian outback.

Map of MO line

The Marla - Oodnadatta Seismic Line

In April 2018, the Australian National University installed a dense passive seismic line extending from Marla to Oodnadatta (the MO line), in South Australia. The MO line runs for about 230 km from west to east, with seismic stations every 3.5 km along the line.

Symposium, Brian Kennett @ 75

On 7-9 May 2023, the Australian National University Research School Of Earth Sciences presented a symposium in Canberra at the Shine Dome celebrating Brian Kennett's 75th birthday and his extensive seismology research. The talks were recorded and are available here.

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