Access AusPass data with ObsPy

These (growing list of) examples show how to access and manipulate AusPass data through FDSN standards with the python module ObsPy. It is by no means complete. Fortunately the ObsPy documentation is EXCELLENT and should be bookmarked.
Fundamentally the obspy.clients.fdsn package contains a client to access web servers that implement the FDSN web service definitions. Once the connection to AusPass has been made with, all functions of obspy.clients.fdsn can be used to download metadata (e.g. get_stations) and seismic data (e.g. get_waveforms).

Here is a secondary script to download and plot arrival data from a Mw6.9 event in PNG on March 29 2018

Here's a script to download events and arrivals based on a few search parameters

Here's a script to calculate a magnitude of an earthquake (in Australia!) given a time & location

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