Global Travel Time models

The ak135 model was published in:

Kennett B.L.N., Engdahl E.R., Buland R., 1995.
Constraints on seismic velocities in the Earth from travel times, Geophys. J. Int., 122, 108--124.

The new ek137 model designed to improve representation of the outer core is from:

Kennett B.L.N., 2020.
Radial Earth models revisited, Geophys. J. Int.,


ek137.tvel File suitable for travel time calculation (ascii)


ak135.tvel File suitable for travel time calculation (ascii)
Full travel time tables are available at: ak135 travel time tables

Empirical Travel Times

The empirical travel times developed by Bob Engdahl and Ray Buland for the preparation of the ak135 model are available as an ascii file. surftim.dat Arrivals are presented at 1 degree intervals.

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