CAPRAL: Seismic deployments in Northwest Australia from 2005 to 2008

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Reference: AusPass (2005): CAPRA - Linkage. Australian Passive Seismic Server - Australian National University. Other/Seismic Network. Doi: 10.7914/SN/7J_2005

Map of the CAPRAL seismic array

Stage one : Linkage
In 2005, an ARC Linkage Project Grant to the University of Western Australia in association with the Australian National University and Geoscience Australia enabled the deployment of seven stations (LP and RP01 + RP02) in northwest Australia, designed to improve local earthquake location and hence understanding of neotectonics.

Stage two : Capra
A further set of 18 stations (CP and RP03 to 07) was deployed in Northwest Australia in 2006 and 2007 to link all prior experiments together.

CAPRAL (Capra + Linkage) stations provide all together a useful framework to improve the coverage of the Pilbara craton and the Capricorn orogen. Guralp CMG-3ESP seismometers and Earthdata digitisers were used with sampling rates of 25 samples/sec.

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